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Premium RxP Generation IIRxP Emission Reducer Bottles

Emission Reducer

“The ORIGINAL product to ever make claims such as ‘significant reduction in CO, HC and NOx emissions’”

Applied combustion technology was utilized in developing a safe and unique blend of liquid hydrocarbons, which when added to gasoline or diesel fuel, cause these fuels to reach a more rapid rate of excitation during combustion. This results is a number of major benefits:


 The BioMat Company

The BioMat Company

The BioMat Company Products

Amethyst BioMat Pro Rejuvena

The Amethyst Bio Mat is multifunctional and easily portable. Perfect for home or professional use.
Ionized hydrogen water oxygenates cells and removes free radicals, creating an environment essential to deterring bacteria, inflammation and disease. The portable water system adapts to any faucet.
The hand held natural face lift device. Healthy supple skin, diminished age spots and acne, improved circulation and the apparence of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced as a result, with regular use.

Z-Ankh™ Pendant

Z Ankh Zinc tipped ankh

Z-Ankh™ Pendant, Crystalase Lasered Crystal Technology Pendant

  • Handcrafted mini Tesla-like frequency generator
  • Self-development tool
  • Individualized frequencies
  • Copper, silver & gold layerism for super-conductivity
  • Zinc caps added to copper-carbon bar for 5th dimensional DNA activation

Ankh Symbol

The Ankh is best known as an ancient Egyptian symbol meaning eternal life. Egyptian art often depicts it as a battery charger-energizer when the top oval part is prominently held and “laser focused” by a Pharaoh. When held with the point extended as the main focus, it would help draw out unwanted symptoms, such as infections.

Crystalase Ankh Pendant™

Starline Unlimited's Crystalase Ankhs

Crystalase Ankh Pendant™ Handcrafted, customized with chakra gemstones. Strengthens immune system, sheilds ELF, stabilizes, balances chakras and auric field.

Our new green soft bio laser

Part of our soft laser therapy product line.

Starline's Emerald Soft Laser

  • Soft Laser Therapy

  • Concentrated pulsing beam of coherent Light

  • Our soft laser features a magnetic modulating crystal slide-on tip

  • 24K gold magnets with 36,000 gauss

  • For Health

    Immune support, pain and muscle therapy (arthritis, headaches...), energy anemia, cell rejuvenation, anti-aging.

BIOPRO Cell Chip

BIOPRO Technology - A New Generation of Wellness Solutions

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted from cell phones have been known to compromise health and well being. Our population has become dependent on this modern day convenience. We are subjecting ourselves to this external stressor day in and day out. The BIOPRO Cell Chip provides an opportunity to address this source of stress in our daily lives. Powered by BIOPRO's Proprietary ERT, the flexible resin mylar composite Cell Chip is designed to last for the lifetime of your mobile phone.