About Starline Unlimited

STARLINE UNLIMITED offers leading-edge products, educational and therapeutic services: specializing in subtle energy/frequency enhancing devices and techniques, to assist with vibrant and radiant health (maintenance and prevention). Devices are designed to help increase electromagnetic frequency levels with immune strengthening capabilities, circulatory improvement, and stress-pain reduction. Principles are based on certain "tried and proven" works (Tesla, Lakhovsky, Reich and Dinshah) along with the updated research of Dr. L. Kennedy (over 25 years) & S. Sitzmann. Services and educational endeavors provide a foundation to better understand body operations in relationship to optimal health need requirements.

Dr. L. Kennedy, Ph.D., (lecturer, researcher, developer and author) and S. Sitzmann, M.S., C.M.T., (professional health educator, counselor, therapist, healer; researcher, published writer and author) are co-developers of Starline Unlimited. They are available for speaking engagements, consultations, therapy and hands-on demonstrations.