Magna Pulstarr Soft Laser

The Magna Pulstarr Laser was developed after years of research, starting in the late 1970’s. This soft laser (non-cutting) carries a red beam of coherent LIGHT energy through a magnetically charged crystal piezo-electric tip into the body. Coherent light carries the concentrated magnetic field intensity in one direction, to create a more powerful focus. This energy charge penetrates deeply (not at a surface level) into the cells of muscle, bones, and organs, assisting them to function optimally. Billions of cells are contained in the body, residing in organs or tissue. Each organ is responsible for a specific function to help maintain the body. The liver, as an example, is responsible for cleansing the blood. Cells of each organ of the body determine whether “organ duties” will be performed effectively and efficiently, or at all. The cell houses mitochondria, which burn fatty acids and proteins, to produce energy. There are 2,000 furnaces per cell operating in the liver 24-7, burning the accumulated residues to provide energy for this organ, in order for it to function adequately.

When the magnetically charged light of the Magna Pulstarr Laser penetrates the cell, this combustion process takes place efficiently. Cells can then continue to reproduce and give you the energy your body needs to operate. Sluggish cells can awaken to recall their natural origin, and to perform the task unique to them. If you are “energy anemic”, the mitochondria in each cell of each organ are not able to work optimally for your body, potentially creating fatigue, pain, and/or symptoms unique to you. Cellular damage is caused by stressors, such as unhealthy life styles, free radical oxidation, poor nutrition, depleted food mineralization, additives and preservatives, as well as chemical and electro-magnetic deficiencies.

Stimulating the body with magnetic LIGHT can help strengthen, align and balance such weakened states. The purpose is to become “energy alive”, so that you are more likely to be gifted with a strong immune system, increased stamina, and mental clarity (similar to jumper cables giving electricity to a weak battery). This can then be maintained by continuing to use the laser either daily or sporadically.

The Magna Pulstarr Laser is simple to use, by placing the laser-crystal tip directly on an acupressure point, organ, vertebra or painful area of the body. Results are often felt within minutes, with a reduction of pain, and/or stimulation to an area. Repetition is the key to improving a long-term malady for a certain amount of time. The average amount of time used is 10 or 15 minutes per session, one to three times a day. For more severe conditions it may be used for longer durations. Magna Pulstarr Laser is appropriately dubbed the “First Aid Kit” for fast cellular repair, for injuries resulting in cuts, bruises, swelling, infections, insect bites, and other “wear and tear” states. It is beneficial for beauty and health applications. Women have purchased the soft laser for facial muscle toning and wrinkle reduction. Stimulation activates the collagen protein. Organs, muscles, tissue, and systems of the body can be activated when focusing the magnetic light to the specific locality and/or application. Food and water can be energetically radiated, making them more vital for consumption. Doctors of veterinary medicine use soft lasers to benefit animals (torn ligaments, muscle strains, rapid bone repair). Some wholistic chiropractors use it for pain control, and muscle relaxants pre/post manipulation, while some alternative doctors use it for wound sterilization, cell regeneration and rejuvenation. Acupuncturists sometimes replace needles with magnetic coherent light.

The Magna Pulstarr Laser has been developed to include impressive features, making it quite different from other soft lasers. One of the main features is the magnetic head or tip, which slides over the on-buttons to produce a beam. Gold magnets are strategically placed, emanating 36,000 gauss (power). As the light passes through the tip, it carries (piggy-back style) the magnetic frequency into the body. This crystal-tip (Crystalase, copyrighted 1981) modulates (changes frequency to match the frequency of your electromagnetic body), and allows your body to readily accept the magnetic light frequency, and to automatically adjust the frequency to the level you are able to handle (resonance). This combo of the crystal tip-magnetic head (plus coherent light passing through) allows deep focused penetration of magnetic light resonance into the cell’s structure. Energy can get “in and out” of the cell, with the toxins no longer being trapped as the furnaces burn the fatty acids and other residue.

The laser has two buttons, pulsing and non-pulsing, which turn on when the magnetic head with crystal is slid over them. The non-pulsing mode may be selected when an area is more sensitive to the stimulation, such as an infected tooth, or a severe long-term injury. The pulsing mode may be used in all other instances. Blood may circulate quickly to the area, possibly creating throbbing, or causing intense short-duration pain, and/or activating Herrings Law. This means that sometimes a condition may feel or seem worse rather than improved. Cells can automatically begin to cleanse, allowing toxins to be released. Detox symptoms may appear, such as a headache, or flu-like symptoms. This can be considered a natural response. Consult a medical professional if symptoms abnormally persist. Magna Pulstarr Laser may be safely used while taking prescribed medications, supplements, and herbs. There is no such thing as an overdose from using a high frequency light laser, since the body automatically and magnetically rejects the amount of magnetic intensity it may not need.

Other features include easy portability. Although effective, the original soft lasers were big and bulky. Today, the Magna Pulstarr Laser is pencil-like in size (approximately ½” in width, and 6” long). It conveniently comes in a case that fits in your purse or pocket. This soft laser operates on two AAA alkaline batteries. The batteries seem to last longer the more it is used. Some users have reported the battery life to be extended up to a year. It fluctuates between 8 to 10 mw (milliwatts) , and operates at 635nm (nanometers). This is the preferred frequency for human vitality.

Beneficial testimonials reported by users of the Magna Pulstarr Laser include muscle relaxation, pain reduction (back, hip, leg, joint), seeing-hearing improvement, jet-lag reduction, fast repair of tendons, ligaments and sprains. Numerous applications with results have been recorded with the use of low level soft lasers.

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