Kirlian Electro-Photography and the Kennedy Kirlian Technique with Resonant Frequency Solutions

Electro-Photography captures your magnetic energy by placing direct finger-tip contact onto a special plate of a frequency generator device, and then photographing the image with a lens-less camera onto film. Electro-Photography is originally credited to Nikola Tesla, dating back to the 1920's. The Soviets 'claim the fame' by bringing it to the forefront, naming it Kirlian after further investigation was pursued by Semyon and Valentine Kirlian.

In the 70's, after connecting with Dr. Thelma Moss and Kendall Johnson at UCLA, Dr. Lawrence Kennedy developed a portable Kirlian unit, as well as the Kennedy Kirlian Technique (KKT) which was inspired by Dr. Bernard Jensen. Electro-Photography of your finger-tips is taken by using special equipment and Polaroid film, to show how your magnetic aura/energy field looks. KKT is then implemented as a useful tool to analyze what is occurring at the mental, physical, emotional and intuitive levels. Results show the 'cause' of where certain symptoms may have originated, in order to affect change. Your thought forms and emotional states create optimal health, or stress, imbalance and conditions of disease. Evidence of electromagnetic and chemical interferences may be shown on your photographed 'blueprint', which can in turn affect your organs, vertebra, chakras, glands and all systems. This innovative method includes identification of certain personal characteristics, such as Starpeople/Indigos. Your 'magnetic image/photo' is descriptive of how effective your communication and relationship skills are, and how your overall health looks. It highlights your wellness assets, as well as health deficits, similar to how medical x-ray's may identify certain conditions.

Increased awareness and desire to change certain states/conditions often result after individuals 'view and review' their Kirlian photos. KKT includes a solution-based orientation, in order to help with the optimal health adjustment process. Frequency energy tools using sound, light, and color are offered as powerful ways to penetrate the cells' structure for maximum efficiency to re-pair, re-building, and re-energize. Resonant qualities are re-stored to the cells of the body. This helps cells communicate with one another through vibration, as a defense against toxins and disease. Some of these resonant frequency solutions include soft lasers, simu-lasers, zapper-plus, Crystalase ankh pendants, and Light Language grids.

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