The Starpeople Connection to Time-Travel

Are You One?

By Sandra Sitzmann, M.S., LMT, with Dr. Lawrence Kennedy, Ph.D.

All Rights Reserved, 2004

Researching one's family lineage has been a fun hobby for many who have wondered who they were related to amongst the “branches of the family tree.” Perhaps you have been one of those, studying your genealogical history. This is limited to searching for family blood-lines that exist on this planet for a designated amount of time. But have you ever considered investigating what may exist beyond the realm of planet Earth, looking to discover what you universal heritage might be? Being open to such a concept may dramatically alter your life!

There are researchers who believe in the existence of life elsewhere. “The possibility that the human race - or life in general - originated on another planet millions of years ago is completely feasible,” according to William A. Gasper, M.D. (The Celestial Clock, 2002). In 1961, astronomer Frank Drake formulated the Drake equation - there could be 10,000 intelligent civilizations that have formed within the 13 to 14-billion-year history of our universe.

Wendelle Stevens, retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, is only one researcher among many, who reports sightings of extraterrestrial beings/ships observed on this planet. He was the original USA investigator of the infamous Pleiadian-Meiers case, bringing in as a team Dr. Lawrence Kennedy, Jim Dilettoso, Marcel Vogel, and others. Billy Meiers, a Swiss farmer, received telepathic communications/messages from the Pleiadians, and took thousands of photographs and movie film of actual Pleiadian ships. (UFO Contace from the Pleiades, Investigative Report, as well as Pleiadian Messages, Volume I and Volume II.) Michael Horn now carries the torch as the autorized North American media representative. He speaks of the Meier's predictions (dated 1975, 1987, and 1995) warning about events that are/have been unfolding, including the WTC 9/11 event of 2001, U.S. Attack on Iraq, the appearance of SARS, the spread of mad cow disease, and public concern over chemical warfare (And Still They Fly, by Guido Moosbrugger). The most recent extraterrestrial ships sighted were in Mexico (and authenticated by Mexican officials) during May, 2004.

Do you remember the movie Back to the Future? It illustrated, in part, time travel. The Pleiadians (and others) are dimensional time travelers. They come from our future, back in time to assist us now in these times of great change. They are among us (in the physical, in thought or in channeled data), in the hopes that we as a species of Earth will not destroy our planet, as they did theirs 20,000 years ago. They as well as other cosmic messengers, can come in physical form or send etheric messages, to encourage us to avoid continued environmental and chemical pollution, and to help en-light-en the world. Dr. Kennedy says, “Prophecy serves as an instrument for divine change. We want to know the future in order to prevent mistakes.”

Famed astronomer of “Cosmos,” Carl Sagan says, “We are made of star-stuff.” This statement could be interpreted to mean that our original heritage is not of this Earth. Brad Steiger coined the word StarPeople and HarHelpers, meaning that certain individuals have developed an awareness of their extraterrestrial origins, as they exist on Earth. They are often conscientious about caring for others, as well as the planet Earth. To be capable of this, they have had to develop their own spirituality through self-awareness/meditation, discipline and many trials “by fire” during previous lives/this lifetime, so that the alchemy from “metal to gold” could occur. Certain StarPeople could also be referred to as Indigos, and the Crystal children. Some are often very telepathic, with great potential and a desire to make a difference on the Earth.

The qualities that StarPeople emanate have been researched by Lawrence Kennedy, Ph.D., and Sandra Sitzmann through Kirlian Aura Photography. Kirlian is effective as an analytical tool to identify Starpeople, as well as to show magnetically future possibilities of health conditions in the present, before it becomes physical. To prove this, Romanian researchers took Kirlian photographs of gold miners, and saw evidence of black lung disease before it had manifested in the physical body. Edgar Cayce states, “The human aura is a barometer for the winds of change.” This analogy is similar to our Pleiadian family who comes from the future to warn us of current destructive possibilities on our planet. Some healings occur in another dimensional zone without the body physically going there.

The little finger represents the Star-intuitive level on the photo (which is usually brighter with a comet-like tail), as well as the genetic coding. What does that mean? Perhaps you are a StarPerson who is not aware of your true identity, or you are consciously using your potential to help make a difference. Are you extremely chemical sensitive? Do you have low blood pressure? Do you have sinus, allergies, or asthma? These are only a few characteristics (of 50-plus) that may assess you to be a StarPerson. Star-brothers and sisters often recognize each other, and feel like they have “energetically” known one another forever. This is you universal family, and this familiar bonding is sould generated. The ties are not necessarily blood-ties (but can be) with your current physical family.

Planet Earth is in flux due to low frequency-dominance from war, negative thought forms, and pollution. StarPeople are not only aware, but are sincerely concerned about these existing conditions. Some are considered visionaries, activists, mavericks, or revolutionaries. In 1995, pioneering psychiatrist Stanislave Grof echoed the concerns of many individuals regarding the deteriorating conditions of the world. Carl Sagan has described a series of scenarios (overpopulation, nuclear arsenals, food-resource shortages) that contribute to the eventual collapse of global societies, if left unchecked. In the Egyptian pyramids there is a time line etched into the stone walls. There are no events listed after 2012. Ian Lundgold, influenced by Carl Johan Calleman's research (Solving The Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar), gives predictable specifics for the next seven years, with October 28, 2011 being heralded as the end of time and space as we know it. Some researchers believe the time-space collapse is to start as early as 2006. Do we pose our own greatest danger to the survival of the species?

We are each responsible for our actions, or our lack of actions, in dealing with issues on planet Earth. “It is clear that we alone have the power to ensure the survival of our species and livability of our world for future generations.” (Gregg Braden, The God Code, 2004). Star-Lightworkers are positively making a difference in the world of health, medicine, and science. High frequency is the solution, which can act as a catalyst for raising consciousness, through meditation, action, or frequency health tools - for self, thereby assisting others as well as the planet. Lyn Grabhorn (Planet Two, 2004), states why responsible activism is so important now: “We are the ones, along with our Brotherhood friends, who will be taking the human into the unknown reality of Divine Human.”

We live in magnificent and challenging times of the unknown. We are an experiment whose “metal is being tested.” We are living during the last days of time when dramatic events never experienced before will occur by 2012, leading us into new levels of existence. Are you, as a StarPerson, determined to use all the potential you can muster to help create this cosmic change? It is both a commitment and an honor to be prepared in action for this challenge.

Perhaps this quote (from Sirian Revelations) will provide encouragement for StarPeople in taking their role of responsibility seriously (which sometimes seems insurmountable), while remaining at ease, with love and laughter. “Children, we call upon you to stand for yourselves, and for each other, for the plants and animals, and all the loving beings, for Gaia. You are precious lightworkers of Earth. If not you...who then? Who will change your world?”

Nephanomey adds, “If not now, when? If not you, who? If not his, what?”

Dr. Lawrence Kennedy, Ph.D., and Sandra Sitzmann, M.S., LMT, are researchers and speakers, specializing in Tesla technologies using sound, light, and color to affect bio-organisms. They are co-authors, as well as co-producers of Cosmic Connection (DVD, video). Both are actively involved in numerous projects to assist with biomagnetic and environmental energy solutions necessary for human-planetary coexistence and evolution.

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