What To Consider When Shopping for Lasers

Different lasers have different uses.

  1. Non-cutting lasers that are non-invasive to the body are known as cold lasers or soft lasers, or LLT. Magna Pulstar Lasers are considered soft lasers. Soft laser applications are useful for pre-traumatic conditions, for maintenance and preventative health care. When using a Magna Pulstar Laser on a pre-condition, often the symptom(s) rapidly disappear, and the condition eliminated. For instance, when you feel like you are getting a cold, immediately using the Magna Pulstar Laser on appropriate areas often reverses and totally eliminates the predisposition to becoming ill. When your circuitry, systems and charkas have been strengthened with the ‘magnetic-light’ the dis-stress is replaced with health, due to the energy reinforcement and preventative measures taken. When applied to post-traumatic conditions, research shows the repair time for healing is quickened, and the injury may not be as traumatized when the laser is used immediately. For example, when someone tales a fall, bruising is expected. Immediate laser application may reduce or eliminate the bruising and swelling, depending upon the severity. As the Magna Pulstarr Laser Light penetrates the tissue at a deeper level, the cells respond by functioning more optimally, cleansing and building as part of the repair process.
  2. Cutting lasers are useful in the medical field for eye surgery, dental applications, facial-peels, and cutting skin/organ tissue. This is most useful when it becomes necessary to cut, or operate for specific conditions. These are only sold to medical professionals, usually at escalated prices.

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