Choosing Your Magna Pulstarr Soft Laser

Currently two options are offered.

  1. Laser with a red beam of light: Red brings vitality to an area or system that has been depleted. Useful if you need stamina, and would consider yourself ‘energy anemic’. 630nm, 5-7mw range.
  2. Laser with a green beam of light: This seems to be effective for overall healing and balance, as well as very supportive of the nervous system. Has a softer and subtler feel.
  3. 534nm, 7-10mw range.


  1. There are two buttons (pulsing and non-pulsing) on the red beam-light Magna Pulstar Laser, and one button which pulses on the green green laser.
  2. There is a black magnetic-tip with a quartz crystal that slides over these buttons, thus turning the laser on.
  3. Batteries operate the laser.

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