Current Predictions, Pleiadian Prophecies, and Time Travel
Written by Sandra Sitzmann, M.S., LMT, with Dr. Lawrence Kennedy, Ph.D.
All Rights Reserved, 2004

A prolific amount of news has been circulated concerning the upcoming changes the planet Earth is to experience between now and 2012. The June 2004 Venus-Sun transit was a significant trigger and just the beginning of a paradigm shift for the expansion of consciousness, in preparation for certain events that have been prophecized by the Pleiadians (via Eduard Meier), and predicted by Maya Elders, as well as other authorities. Some viewpoints are more optimistic than others. Both sides of the story are presented for the reader to draw their own conclusions through their inner guidance and discernment.

June 8th, 2004 Venus-Sun eclipse heralded another level of consciousness. It was a key, unlocking the door to the feminine principles, as it intensely and intently radiated Venusian energies to Earth. This energy is creative, nurturing, and opens the channels to evolving love, and telepathic communications. This Venus-Sun marriage unites love and abundance with wisdom and light. This is our inheritance when powerful higher frequencies are combined.

Aluna Joy Yaxk’in ( writes that the SHIFT is upon us with this Venus passover, enriching our world with the power of love. Maya Star Elders say the crack in the doorway allows us to enter into newer levels and dimensions, but takes a few years to complete the passage. All different dimensions have to open and shift at the same time. Star Elders say the jump to higher dimensions will be by 2008 (before 2012!)!!! We will leave behind the world of force, and ego. The trigger to these events was the Venus Passover of June 8th, 2004, when Venus retrograded and passed in front of the Sun. This happens again on June 6th, 2012. Star Elders believe we can evolve our evolutionary crisis during these times. We will experience more harmony, gain deep wisdom and intuitive awareness, and find solutions to problems. Symptoms may appear, such as deep grief, loss of interest in current goals, panic attacks, heart palpitations, visions, and restlessness to do “something”. Many are feeling like they are going to die, or want to give up.

In a recent workshop entitled “Heaven and Earth Combined”, Marianne Williamson explained how to create heaven on earth. “We must live on Earth but think the thoughts of Heaven. This is the intersection of Heaven and Earth.” She quotes the poet Rumi, “Out beyond right and wrong, there is a field, and I’ll meet you there.” Marianne interprets this to mean that we can go beyond this realm in order to create miracles. How? We must ‘crack open’ (change!) to become new, to go beyond suffering, fears, mistakes, neurosis, and depression. We are still crucified when we do not release ‘old baggage’. You are punished by your sins, not for your sins. She suggested that we break free of our individual stories of misery, “Become as bored with your story as others around you are! You die by staying in the same old story.” Instead she projected resurrection by ‘dying to be born’. This means spiritual renewal through individual transformation (thus creating group transformation) with the release of hurt and pain. This means that when the eternal questions are the only things that matter, we become (vs. know). Then war dissolves, and miracles and healing occur. This means renewal through unity. Then ‘Heaven and Earth shall be no more’ - no more separation. “You are not the wave, you are the ocean. You are not the sun-beam, you are the power of the Sun. We are each other!” Marianne’s upcoming book is The Gift of Change. (

Carlos Barrios serves as an authorized messenger from the Maya Elders ( He says, “Now that we are at the gates of a New Path of Venus over the Face of the Sun on June 7-8th, 2004, the least we can do is expect a new change in the outcome of humanity. Death is knocking at our doors. The drums of war can be heard, as well as the destruction of Mother Earth, pollution, new diseases, resurgence of old plagues, global warming, the fear of world conflict, intolerance and fundamentalism in any of its manifestations, negligence, apathy, confusion, and worse still the estrangement of drug abuse. All of this is a reaction to the fear caused by the thought that the world as we know it can be destroyed; and to the poor answers that materialism gives, having reached its limit and offering no other direction, because it is based in distractions, in momentary satisfactions. While reason and logic tell us that we will have to stop all this madness, we are living in the age of prophecies, and the responsibility of balancing things is ours. There is no more time to play; it is now time to act. The great guardian brings the energy of a new beginning, the beginning of a new era.”

Welcome to the Evolution, and Secrets of the Mayan Calendar Unveiled are a series of taped sessions by Ian Xel Lungold, in which he presents a Consciousness Calendar with stages and schedules of creation. His model also includes 9 Creation Levels, which exist for a certain period of time. Each Creation Level/Stage has a specific focus of attention, such as Cellular (‘Big Bang’), Mammalian (life, stimulus response), Familial (individual response, cooperation), Tribal (mind), Cultural (reasoning), National (law), Planetary (power, semi-conscious), Galactic (ethics and refined consciousness; where we are now; ends Oct. 28, 2011); Universal (begins Feb.10, 2011). There are also 7 Day-cycles and 6 Night-cycles, or intentions of evolution (creates 13 segments) that are repeated progressively within these Creation Levels (example - Galactic) since creation began, and leading to 2011. One Day or Night cycle radiates specific energies for each particular Creation era/stage (example - Galactic). The complete cycle begins with 1st Day, then 1st Night, 2nd Day, 2nd Night, 3rd Day, 3rd Night etc., culminating with the 7th Day. Centuries ago, each Day and each Night could last in varying amounts of years to complete their cycle within the Creation Level. For example, during the time of Moses, the 3rd Night was 397 years (its Creation Cycle would be many more years than this). During the time of the American Civil War, the 3rd Night lasted 19.7 years. Today each Day, and Night represents only one year (as it radiates energies to influence the current 12+ Galactic years that remain)! The quickening! “Creation is speeding up, not time,” says Ian. When you are in the flow of motion, you are moving with creation, and time is not going by. You are riding the flow, ‘tuned’ (not timed) to your intuition.

In his The 3rd Night News publication (May 1, 2004), Ian outlines a very detailed explanation of Creation Cycles and Day/Night Cycles to date. He describes what we have experienced and what we are about to experience as Consciousness shifts during the next few months. We are currently in the eighth 3rd Night of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle. Galactic Consciousness is the last cycle of the 9 that began Jan. 5, 1999 and ends before 2012, while the 3rd Night lasts from Dec. 9, 2003 to Dec. 3, 2004. The previous year (Dec. 14, 2002 to Dec. 9, 2003), we were in a 3rd Day cycle, which anchored truth concerning personal survival needs. This current 3rd Night year teaches the application of these truths, and adjustments to these truths. This is the year to let go, and flow. The dawn of the 4th Day starts Dec. 4, 2004. A major event happens right after that change. The calendar ends on the 7th Day, which is Oct. 28, 2011 according to Ian, when we will have evolved to consciously co-create existence and experience. It is our consciousness, integrity, and ethics that will allow us the ability to get through these difficult time frames. He differentiates between morals and ethics. Morality resides at the National Level, where law and punishment/right and wrong still dictate our actions (example - one may be moral to avoid getting caught). Ethics exists at the Galactic level, where a refined consciousness knows and does what is best for all, due to a deeper personal understanding of cosmic law. Ian remarks, “The real question is not how to survive the coming changes to our life, but how to thrive through these changes. Ethics and truth will sustain you. ”

Ian also explains significant occurrences during previous Venus transits, and what to expect from this 2004 transit. Each Venus passage recorded in human history has been a time of great change in perspective and communications. Examples: 1639 - first national mail service was established. 1769 - a scientific experiment was conducted to measure the distance from the earth to the sun. 1882 - world postal union was established. 2004 to 2012 - an increasing awareness of telepathic abilities in humans. (

Thomm Hartmann, radio personality, speaker and author, also talks about morality, as well as our individual rights. “Be passionate about morality,” he says. Hartmann defines morality by quoting portions of the Beatitudes, “I was naked, and you clothed me. I was hungry, and you gave me food... As you have done to the least of my brethren, you have done unto me.” He believes the greatest failure of public morality is measured by how many people are in prison, have no access to medicine, or are homeless. Private morality is measured by drug and relationship abuse. It is our right to reclaim democracy. It does not belong in the hands of the corporations. Our founding fathers were concerned about individual communities taking care of each other. “We will take democracy back.”

Andrew Harvey, a BBC journalist, author, and compassionate visionary, speaks with passion about these days of change. He says we have been looking into a Black Mirror, seeing 7 heads of the Beast. These include:

  1. overpopulation
  2. ecological imbalances (
  3. fundamentalism
  4. technological weapons of mass destruction
  5. cemented gardens vs. Nature, isolation and inner meaninglessness
  6. media control where radical voices are not heard
  7. busy-hectic-stressed lives with terrifying fear/anxiety, triviality, with little time to taste divinity (he labels this despairing motion). This is the anti-Christ, not a person!

Seven pulsing interconnecting Stars NOW give rise to Divine Humanity. Looking into a Golden Mirror, we see 7 Stars of an Angel, representing:

  1. divine opportunity with the challenges that come
  2. new fuels, hydrogen economy at little cost
  3. mobilization with media communications via the internet; examples: rally in S.F. of protesting the Iraqi War; Kucinich and Dean getting campaign workers
  4. mystical transformation and sacred technologies, used at the core of your life
  5. return to the divine feminine, as seen with holistic medicine, openness to the sacredness of animals, dolphin energy, appearances of Mary
  6. non-violence
  7. co-Creation

To align these 7 Stars it takes Mystical Activism. Harvey says, “This means you must put your armor on, and go into the storm knowing what is going on.” He says there are also 7 Laws of Mystical Activism.

  1. Do your sacred practices to ground and irrigate you.
  2. Be in touch with your soul. The soul core of you can’t die.
  3. Evil is real in the demonic or occult forms. Prepare or ‘be as lambs to the slaughter’. Face your anti-christ energies of addictions...
  4. You will arouse antagonisms. Be steady, with peace at your core. “Be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves.”
  5. Give up the fruits of action to the Divine. Be like a feather on the breathe of God.
  6. In ego you are defeated, in Self non-defeated.
  7. We can’t do it alone. Work together as humble children. Miracles will be born.

According to Indian Avatar Sri Kalkis, the June-Venus transit is the start of The Golden Age. “Humanity is entering the most crucial phase of its existence. The coming decade shall witness the most unprecedented and undreamt of changes in the course of its long evolution. There is nothing much humanity could do about it, other than to understand the changes occurring around it and to flow with the changes that are overpowering it. Towards the end, humanity would enter a new age, The Golden Age. The transition will be a painful process. Only those whose relationships are in order would make it easily.”

“The time of darkness is over - now is the time for the sunshine”, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proclaimed to the world press. “On the basis of the total knowledge of Natural Law vibrant in our possession today, the day is not far when our dear world family will enjoy Heaven on Earth. The trends of time will take a definite turn towards positivity and peace within a few months. ” He adds, “World peace is inevitable. Life will be lived in favor of evolution - everything destructive will drop away and everything constructive will grow stronger and stronger. This will be the gift of our generation to all future generations.”

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles ( states, “Over the next eight years, the breathtaking wonder of this celestial event will bathe all life on this sweet Earth in the sublime essence and spiritual power of Venus’s Divine Love and Supreme Harmony. As this sacred substance penetrates into every atomic and subatomic particle of life, the very glory of God will be unveiled, and Humanity will once again revel in the wonder of Creation. We will realize the Truth of the affirmation: All That My Father-Mother God Has Is Mine.”

Optimistic messages are scribed by Source of Light Center ( “All stellar portals on Earth are opened and all grid systems are in place. Sovereignty is restored to original authenticity. You are the ones to bring this in now. It is coded in your stellar DNA. You know now and will act upon your Knowing based in serving Love, and no more fear. The new peace makers are already in place and will step forward to take Action to rebuild and restore Harmony and Peace! There is no need for Presidents to govern people or governments formed to control people, resources or land. People are to be Loved and Honored and Respected. There is no mistake, as the dark agendas have their last big councils to dictate their plans for the world takeover. This timing is no mistake. The lies and strategies they have so cleverly come up with will not fly anywhere but back in their faces. Keep focusing your light and brandishing this powerful golden love, light and compassion for all.”

Pleiadian prophecies, to date, have predicted the Gulf War, 911, the current War in Iraq, and others events. These prophecies were documented by “Billie” Eduard Meier in 1975 and 1976. A Swiss farmer, Meier received face-to-face communications with certain Pleiadians, who were time travelers from our future. They were at least 3000 years advanced to us in technology, and possibly in spirituality. Messages were given as warnings, for us to make changes, in protection of the Earth and its inhabitants. The Pleiadian-Meier case is the most documented case with the most recorded evidence tested. The lead US authority was Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, who assembled a team of five to help investigate the case. In 1979 Dr. Lawrence Kennedy was included as an additional investigator for his unusual expertise of working with the psykokinesis (PK). The ongoing contacts, the multiple sightings photographed with a 35 mm camera, hours of motion picture footage, sounds of the ships, and cold-fused metal samples that were given as physical evidence to physicists were investigated with the latest 1979 technology, which included a NASA lab contractor, Jupiter fly-by technology, and laser and computer enhancement.

The most astonishing data given are the prophecies, including the very near future events of the year 2004. Catastrophic diseases are still coming, with World War III lurking at our doorstep. The biggest threat to mankind is a possible near collision with a large meteorite striking the Earth, September 29, 2004. The Meier Contacts-The Key To Our Future Survival by Michael Horn chronicles 60 years of information published by Meier years before occurrence. It includes prophecies for the near future and examines some core principles recommended as guidelines for evolution. For example, they wish the human being to recognize, discover and experience, in detail through his own cognition, what his true, innermost being is and how it relates to the external personality. They wish that earth humans, in all love and reason, tend toward bringing an end to all aggression, acts of violence and wars, as well as all criminality, all hate, all discord, every bondage, as well as any craving for vengeance and retaliation.

In Planet Alert (April), Mahala stated (, “It is time for the Earth to move through a debris cloud in space that is full of meteors. This will cause the Sun and Moon to darken, and the light will be reduced by about one-third.” Krsanna Duran of Time Star ( believes that cosmic dust passing over the planet is a periodic event. “Humankind has survived events of this nature many times over. I am certain that asteroids/meteors are not taking out this planet.”

Wayne Green introduced David Booth to the Coast to Coast AM show to reveal Booth’s prophecy - a large black object will pass between the Earth and the Moon in the near future, and it will cause Yellowstone to erupt. He writes about it in his book, Code Red.

Gordon Michael Scallion, prophet and visionary, foresees that the impact of a comet could set off a chain reaction of tectonic plates, and/or volcanic activity. In the 1990’s, Dr. Lawrence Kennedy stated that Mount Rainier would initiate the activation of the Juan de Fuca Plate, triggering the eruption of the volcano in Yellowstone. Three underwater volcanoes have been recorded 200 miles off the Portland coast on the Juan de Fuca Plate. Earlier geological evidence of underwater activity caused a huge tsunami 300 years ago that leveled an area where Vancouver, B.C. is located today, clearing the area for 60 miles inland.

In the early 1990’s Dr. Lawrence Kennedy, Ph.D., predicted a future eruption at Yellowstone. He charted a triangle on a map, going from Yellowstone, to southern California, to Mount Rainier in the Cascades, and back to Yellowstone, where the active area is located. Yellowstone is the farthest volcanic hotspot to the east in the US, and according to paleontologist and geological reports, Yellowstone had previously played a big part in catastrophic events, forming the center of the continental area of the Rockies and plains. This hot spot is now concentrated in the Yellowstone area, and is slowly moving to the south. One of the National Park rangers observed that Old Faithful used to spout off at regular intervals of time. That is no longer true - it spouts off more frequently now. Not only are there more recordings of seismic activity in Yellowstone, there are more rumblings consistently closer to the surface, as close as one mile. This close surface depth is enough to anticipate an eruption. A volcano first opens its vent, and then builds its mound with the residue. If Yellowstone becomes active, and starts exploding, building domes, and spewing ashes it could potentially devastate a 600 mile radius.

The biggest earthquake ever recorded in 1851 altered the Mississippi River, and drowned two towns when the Madrid Fault became active. Dr. Kennedy believes that if Yellowstone opens up, the repercussions would be felt in a circular design around it. It would be like a funnel in the eye of the hurricane. Dr. Jeffrey Goodman, geologist and author (We Are the Earthquake Generation), said most geologists do not understand the plumbing under the earth. Volcanoes are connected underground on this continent. One of the predictions is that as many as 50 volcanoes could go off world wide. This could slide us into a new ice age (movie, The Day after Tomorrow).

Dr. Kennedy thinks that future scenarios are still being determined by human consciousness. “We determine our own fate, with the Venusian energies influencing us to be the key players during this paradigm shift. Prophecy serves a purpose, as an instrument for divine change.”

The award winning movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!? is a mind expanding documentary showing that such evolutionary changes are possible by converging science and spirituality, and by discovering that new realms of reality may exist by breaking-through the illusions we hold as truths. Our minds create what we choose to experience!

“To keep our faces toward change, and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate, is strength undefeatable.” Helen Keller

Dr. Lawrence Kennedy, Ph.D., and Sandra Sitzmann, MS, LMT, are speakers, researchers, and authors. Their books include Terra in Transition, and Thunderous Days of Change. Available are the Cosmic Connection (DVD), Pleiadian related books, and DVD’s of The Meier Contacts - The Key To Our Future Survival. Kennedy and Sitzmann offer solution based healing seminars, using the principles of sound, light, and color to help raise frequency levels for energy balance, and cellular repair-building and maintenance. Refer to to read about another profound way to shift your energy and consciousness at the cellular level with energizing, protective, and vegetarian Whole Foods. Starline Unlimited #406-756-4140

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