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Q - Why would I want to wear a Crystalase Ankh Pendant?

A - It serves as a tool to charge, strengthen and shield your immune system. It is not a prerequisite for balanced living, provided you can focus your attention constantly in a state of total positive creativity and unity. Since very few individuals have mastered that focused state, the Ankh can assist you to maintain your higher frequency levels more consistently. The Ankh is a more advanced, more evolved vibrational tool than a humanity's current state of mass consciousness (a 7th dimensional tool according to Bentov). It has a “frequency job” to do; transmitting to you a constant trickle-charge of energy to help you maintain a higher vibration in a chaotic, third dimensional world. DNA memory circuits are activated for remembrance of who you are, where you came from and where you are spiritually evolving.

Q - Why would I wear a Crystalase Ankh in preference to other pendants?

A - The Crystalase Ankh Pendant implements in its design all of the best known principles - colors, minerals, electromagnetic frequencies and layerism. It is hand-crafted and custom designed, producing additional piezo=electric capabilities (electromagnetic pulsations) with these interacting energy forces. The Ankh symbol has been time proven by the ancients (Egyptians) and has been a popular symbol throughout the Centuries, including current times. It is kept updated in process and application for continued compatibility due to ever-changing Earth-body frequencies. We are not aware of any other pendant that encompasses all these principles, design features and updated systems. Objective test results with Kirlian, kinesiology, dowsing and radionics as well as reports from others tested by a variety of sampler devices indicate that other devices did not have equal or greater measurable effects as compared to the Crystalase Ankh.

The Crystalase Ankh is unique in its use of cutting edge technology. There are scientific applications in every detailed design. A special lasering process is used to focus, align and excite the molecules in the crystal. The coherent light from the laser is transferred to the ankh, which becomes a magnetic battery charger that helps run the electrical system of your body. The special twist-design of the loop mimic the DNA of the body. The oval of the loop has long been used by various ancient civilizations to represent female-feminine energies. It is similar to some designs that are natural to us - the embryo encased in a circular sac of amniotic fluid, the shape of the human skull and Earth to name a few. The quartz crystal represents the spinal column-nervous system as well as the fluids of the body (crystal means hardened water). The crossbar imitates the carbon atoms so unique to biological life, so necessary for conductance of electro-magnetic energy and so abundant in our body and planet. Gems are tested and added to the Ankh for specific chakra-organ reinforcement and to strengthen weak circuits with mineral and color-sounds vibrations. A gem in the center of the loop focuses the quality represented by that specific color-gem.

The gems offer supportive energies that your body may require and use in color and chemical-mineral compositions. Dr. Kennedy discovered from his research in Egypt that the ancients wore gems not for adornment but for the balancing effect of the stone combinations. You are tested for worn gems in balance to each other as well as the precious metals and symbols. Natural stones and uncut gems were used then and are still used in your ankh combinations for better energy absorptions by the wearer (vs. sparkly reflections). Through the implementation of the special light process, the color and mineral content positively affect and balance the particular corresponding chakra. The minerals, color, and light energies are magnified internally via the energy field to feed the chakras, which in turn charge and rejuvenate the physical body. These energies radiate through the gates of the chakras from the etheric levels to reinforce the other mental, emotional and physical states of being.

Q - Do my gem combinations ever change?

A - Your Ankh test can very from day to day depending on your bio-rhythmic cycles so it is obvious that changes might occur. As you evolve your needs may change and the Ankh can assist you to strengthen those differences. However, your test supports the blueprint of who you are at birth. The quartz and the gems reinforce the qualities that you need assistance with during your Earth journey. For example, you were born male or female and will remain (more than likely) a male or female most of this life time. However, you can change your role as a female (not your biological characteristics) and become a male model when doing accounting. Even though you changed roles you remained the same sex. That is your blueprint.

Q - What happens if I lose a gem?

A - It means one of two things. One, you have finished with that energy. Or two, you cleansed extremely rapidly and absorbed the emotional debris too quickly and the stones became overburdened, overweight and loosened themselves from the ankh. If that happens I can retest you in person or surrogate with a picture or signature to see what or may not have changed. I can send a small stone for you to attach if you still need the reinforcement energy.

Q - Are additional gems always necessary?

A - Not always. Most frequently individuals require anywhere from three to seven additional stones and occasionally more.

Q - Can I wear the Crystalase Ankh all the time?

A - Most individuals can start from day one to wear their Crystalase Ankh all of their waking days without adverse effects. Less than one percent need to start slowly and then gradually increase their wearing time rather than wearing it constantly. Most wearers are Starpeople who readily gravitate to it and absorb the frequency input as a welcome and natural process.

Q - How would I know whether I am not able to wear my Crystalase Ankh consistently at first?

A - Reduce your wearing time if you feel jittery and nervous due to great sensitivity. This is not a bad effect but may be overpowering for you. Sometimes a physical or emotional cleansing reaction may be too much for you to handle all at once and I would recommend reducing the amount of hours per day you wear it. Never totally eliminate wearing it but gradually build your hours back up to full time, much like a contact wearer does when first wearing their lenses.

Q - Should I wear my Crystalase Ankh during the night time

A - Most generally individual wearers are able to easily wear their Crystalase Ankh during the day. It is an individual preference whether you choose to wear your ankh at night. Some feel more comfortable not wearing it and others are not willing to remove it at any time, even when showering. Some of my testimonials from the night wearers indicate more conscious out of body journeys and clear, vivid, colorful dreams with better dream recall. If you choose not to wear it at night, place it nearby where it is close to your energy field. Options include hanging it on the headboard, placing it on the night stand or under your pillow so you can receive the maximum energy benefits and dream effects.

Q - Why would I have better dream recall? Why more so at night?

A - The Ankh acts as a receiver-amplifier. During sleep cycles the brain wave frequency levels fluctuate from light to deeper, more relaxed and centered states of consciousness. You are able to receive and remember your dream messages more frequently during alpha, theta and delta stages than in the beta cycle.

Q - Can this deeper stage occur during times of the day?

A - Yes, it is possible. It is less likely to happen though because most of humanity functions at a high stress level, at a hyper or hypo state. By wearing the Crystalase Ankh you can become “fine tuned” so you begin to function in a more focused manner with less stress at all times. This can occur because the Crystalase Ankh acts as a frequency modulator/balancer to assist you to remain in a constant relaxed state.

Q - Can I make my own Ankh?

A - It is possible and I have known individuals who have tried to do just that. To their dismay they reported that theirs did not have the same equal effects as the Crystalase Ankh. I was not too surprised since both science and art are incorporated into the making of the Crystalase Ankh. If you do not understand all the principles something is easily left out and thus not as potent.


Your testimonials are appreciated for continued feedback, research and possible use. Please notify us as to how you react with your new Crystalase Ankh. We encourage any further questions concerning the interaction between you and your Ankh.

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