Expanding the Light

A Look at Light Language

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It is time to expand our horizons and enhance our present knowledge to reveal our connection with light. The need to shine light into our minds, and for us to envelope ourselves in this light, is more and more pressing each day. This understanding is humanity's part in the unified energy of the universe.

Light is the free flowing knowledge that contains the sacred principles and all information of life. The light workers are the advanced wave of beings that will bridge the gap of time and space. By knowing thought in its true form, it is an easy step to decoding all the information of time and space. As LIGHT WORKERS accumulate knowledge of their own light they become the teachers of humanity.

In the various human creations we can see the inspiration of spirit (enlightenment) with the hard senses in inventions, art and music. There is no denying that the lighter senses have played a part in the creativity being expressed. It is time that we examine in detail exactly what we are amplifying and broadcasting into time and space. As well, it is necessary to examine the choice of channels of thought as we broadcast them into our reality. With understanding of our own personal music and the music of light in others, we will be able to recognize new music from the worlds of the lighter senses.

We are like radios, with an infinite amount of channels available. As we become familiar with what the lower AM channels have to offer, we seek more clarity. To be able to receive more clarity we must reach out to new frequencies. When we fine tune ourselves to light, we will be adding the FM band to the channels we can work with. FM is always broadcasting whether your receiver is tuned to it or not.

Working with light is creating change in the basic evolvement of the spiritual person. This change is taking place now as we move from using our heavy senses into using our light senses. This will bring us in connection with the flow of life and our connection to the source. We must learn and experience our light bodies, thereby surpassing the limitations imposed upon us by dwelling in the heavy senses. We have been searching for centuries for our part in the whole. When an individual has reached a thorough understanding of the light language, they will understand what part they play in universal consciousness. After acquiring the understanding, there are an infinite number of possibilities of light and unimaginable quantities of direction to pursue.

Within the grasp of light language lies the force that creates our light bodies. Understanding the light will give us the keys that will open the doors to cellular healing and vitalization of the very atoms that creat our bodies. Enfolded in the light language are the states of consciousness that trigger the light senses into micro senses as well as macro senses. The micro senses will examine the very energies of the cells and the macro sense will examine the energies of the galaxies.

It is knowledge that gives us the choices of what to tune to with energies. To expand our consciousness, we must be aware of the full spectrum of our radio's capability. The only step that needs to be taken right now is to spread the knowledge that a FM band exists so that all the light workers may tune into it.

In the reat river of life that flows through us from all parts of life and the universe are the answers to all the questions that we can consciously ask. The understanding of light will rocket humanity into a new era. The chains that keep the light body bound to the limits of the physical body and the heavier senses will be flung away. A new freedom based in light will provide the force that will connect time and space.

Soon after we explore the limits of the FM band, we will move on, as we did in the physical world. We will be opening up the light to a point where pictures of light language will be in the homes, where we are a type of TV, projecting and receiving the “pictures” or common messages.

Since we have practically completed our spiritual evolution in the throat chakra, the methods and complexity of communications in the heavy senses have almost run their course. The knowledge that our spiritual knowledge is progressing into the third eye chakra where the light senses rule and dominate suggests that the progress in human spiritual evolution will accelerate based on progress made with light. Our present history shows that most progress has been made in the communication areas with the healing areas still growing strong. As the heart and throat have overlapped, so will the knowledge activated by the throat and third eye chakras.

The forerunners of the light work will need to explore as many options and possibilities as are available. We already have all the information and knowledge that has been handed down for generations. As the tribes, in the last twenty years, have been willing to open their sacred lessons to the people of the light, we can respond by opening our minds to teachings that they have gifted us. In the intimate structure of an atom we discovered a small burst of energy that we enhanced into a force so powerful that it can destroy the world. In the intimate teachings of the tribe we have discovered tools that will give us in the comprehension of light that will enable us to explore and know our inner and outer galaxies.

A Look at Light Language

LIGHT LANGUAGE is a new presentation of ancient tribal wisdom handed down from one generation to the next from the Maya and Aztecs. LIGHT LANGUAGE represents the way energy moves into form. Energy follows intent --- when individuals are able to keep their focus on a goal and have strong intent, they are often able to manifest their desires. LIGHT LANGUAGE supports this process by strongly holding the energy of the intent in place. The physical representation of the intent is written as a grid of 7, 49, or 144 shapes.

Based on greater than light speed-healing techniques, LIGHT LANGUAGE can

  1. change patterns
  2. attract prosperity
  3. help in the healing of disease
  4. ease stress
  5. structure relationships
  6. increase consciousness
  7. facilitate spiritual growth

Sandra Sitzmann, M.S., C.M.T., C.N.A., is well respected as a practitioner, consultant and lecturer in the alternative healing arts field, locally in Montana, as well as nationally. With degrees, trainings, and practical 'hand-on' experience in education, counseling, energy-medicine, massage therapy and numerous other related health modalities, she is extremely knowledgeable and willing to assist you with a broad range of concerns at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. She has worked with individuals, groups, and all age ranges, from infants to the senior population.

One of Sandra's expertises is LIGHT LANGUAGE, a new presentation of ancient tribal wisdom handed down from generation to generation via the Maya and Aztecs. It is a way to MANIFEST YOUR INTENTIONS with 'greater-than-light' speed. This 'coded-language' is presented to you as a written grid using sacred geometric symbols and colors. The first step is to converse with you to specifically pin-point what changes you desire in your life, or issues you wish to confront.

Do you want to change patterns, attract prosperity, ease stress, help in the healing of disease, structure relationships, increase consciousness, facilitate spiritual growth? Light Language is the technique to accelerate those intentions! The effects of Light Language begin as soon as the grid is scribed, and the requested energy change is continually focused on your chosen issue.

Results have been extraordinary, some changes being noticed instantaneously and some taking longer to manifest. A dramatic result occurred when an M.S. Patient had a remission, three months after the Light Language Grid had been written. She had symptoms of M.S. Since childhood, and had been diagnosed without prognosis two years earlier. Successful reports have been communicated to me after I wrote the grid (s), including real estate sales, relationship and attitude adjustments, political changes, weather improvement, and animal training, to mention a few examples.

Sandra is gifted in using KIRLIAN ELECTRO-PHOTOGRAPHY, a method that captures your auric/energy field onto Polaroid film by photographing your fingertips. This assessment tool helps to identify how you are influenced by your electromagnet and chemical environment. The results may show strengths or weaknesses in your organs, glands, chakras, and vertebra, as well as define whether the cause originates at the mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual levels. Sandra specializes in the use of high-frequency ELECTROMAGNETIC TOOLS to implement the principles of SOUND, LIGHT, AND COLOR. This solution based approach is highly effective. Since our bodies consist of 'light and sound,' it is a natural response for our bodies to repair optimally and rapidly at the cellular level, when using such devices as laser light and color for therapy. Tesla related tools are also beneficial for therapy, along with body-work, subtle-energy techniques, and massage therapy, all services offered by Sandra.

Sandra Sitzmann

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