Product Testimonials

Starline Ankhs and Z-ankhs

With my Ankh I seem to be much more grounded and healthier. F. F. Spokane

I am thrilled with my Ankh. It gives me energy and kee0ps me balanced B. N. Whyo

My Ankh is my Christmas present to myself! My friends love theirs. I really need it’s help to get me threw all the stress I have with this job and family problems. The feeling of balance and energy I get help me do all the travel this job requires.

Thank you D.A.


My Wife Dee and I had the pleasure of making your acquaintance in Boulder Co awhile back. Sandra, I wanted to let you know that I love my ankh. I feel naked when I’m not wearing it. I believe it is helping to strengthen me & keep me grounded. I’ve also enjoyed reading your book Lawrence.

Mark & Dee

Idaho Springs CO 10/17/1999

I waited 5 years to purchase my ankh. I’ve eliminated people from my life with whom I no longer wanted to be involved, lost weight as well as “old baggage ”It’s an amazing treasure. I wish I had bought it sooner.

J.B. Vancouver WA

I LOVE this ankh. It is really awesome! R.B. Seattle WA

A phenomenal event happened after wearing my ankh overnight for less than 24 hrs. I had lucid dreams & actually was being educated by Tibetan teachers in the Himalayan setting. My partner wore her ankh the same amount of time & slept like a bay all night for thre1st time in years. Her sleeping quarters for the night was an active sorority house!

Thank you,

Couple from Seattle.


Now I didn’t say much at the time, but when I closed my eyes while holding the ankh, I felt “timeless” & I felt as if I went into a deep space. I felt some sort of inner “electrical shock” Perhaps it was due to the long day or my eating so little, but it was as if I went into a memory space of ancient memory & “slow time”& seams that in those few seconds that I was “ far away for a long time”. Thought you might find this interesting.


Slept like a baby. First time in a long time.

P. N.

Dreams intensify both good and bad.

M. N. Livingston MT

I purchased an Ankh approximately 4 years ago. Enjoyed wearing it primarily as jewelry. However 3 years ago I was diagnosis with cancer with less than 59% chance of survival. I am still alive and well to the amazement of Drs. The Ankh suddenly became my anchor, and appeared to definitely keep me clear in terms of what I next needed from operations- chemo-radiation-herbs-teas and people. It continues to be my anchor.

Helen SLC

Heard distant harmonic music for about 30-45 seconds when falling asleep with ankh at bedside. Cleansed Ankh hanging from my bed – I flew as eagle and appeared as myself in front of an ET light being sitting before a table. On the table was a bowl with four gold bars going down to center of bowl. Told me this bowl could heal two major things on the planet. Told me to find these structures and use them for healing.

V. M.

I’ve done my meditations with both the plain ankh and the gemstone ankh. Very interesting results. I’ve spent approximately 20 min with each. Both gave off vibrations. The one with stones gave off more, so I wore it for 2 days. The first night I felt energizing all my 7-charka points & the sensation lasted for several hours. I am keeping the gemstone one. I appreciate your help.



I never expected an immediate change wearing the ankh. And I didn’t anticipate any physical change. I wore it from the moment you gave it to me (Spokane Body, Mind & Spirit event) That night I slept without any hip pain and from that day until it was lost I was nearly pain free. I was so used to pain from some old injuries (I never pay attention to it anymore) Since I lost my Ankh my hip and back pain have been pretty bad. I am replacing it – please send me a new ankh.

Thank you.

T.N. Colville WA

My Ankh looks radiant with all my jewelry that was given to me. You have given me what I have looked for all my life – 55 years! I have life in me thanks to you guys.

B.F. Auburn WA

I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction since 1987. Since 1999 I suffered a relapse. I could not go into malls or work with out getting dizzy and sick. There have been a series of steps in the last 4 year on my journey to wellness. One of the first was to purchase my ankh. There was an instant improvement in my ability to work and shop. I was so much stronger and did better at my job. I also feel it protects me from negative energy in crowds. I never leave home without it.


I had some profound experiences wearing my Ankh pendent. I found my abilities to do physic clairvoyant healing work were greatly enhanced. As instructed I cleared and cleansed the ankh daily. My physical health & strength seemed to be balanced. Emotionally I felt more serene. I took care of my mother for the last 4-months of her life I was able to maintain my focus and held her hand at the moment of her death. The ankh was helpful in many ways. Symbolic of eternal life force, it reminds me daily of my own eternal spirit. Thank you for creating this ankh it serves me well.


Dearest Lawrence and Sandra,

How can I ever thank you enough? I am thrilled beyond belief to receive your beautiful and powerful Ankh.


Thank you for your gift and your support. I love you both.

In Light,