Product Testimonials

Bio-Soft Lasers

Dear Sandra & Lawrence,

I do believe that this laser instrument is having a positive erect on the cyst in my sinus passage.

Thank you for your help.

A. .M, Houston TX 1/29/98

Hi Sandra

Many people at work have commented on how rested I look. I know it is the result to the laser. Also I have a herniated disc in my back. Well one morning, just like a miracle, the pain wasn’t there! I am able to get up out of a sitting position without using my hands for leverage. I will not be without my laser.

Sincerely M. J. of Tucson AZ 6/22/98

Hi Sandra & Lawrence;

Friday night after a very long day on my feet, my left foot had a tender spot near the ball but centered on the transverse metatarsal arch, It was so painful that I could hardly walk around barefoot on the carpet. I thought it would be better in the morning after a rest. At 5:50 am the next morning the pain was just as bad. I thought if I put on my shoes I would have more support…. But it hurt like hell and I realized that no way was I going to be able to carry stuff up from the basement all day long on that foot. I took off my shoe, put the Pulstarr laser on the spot for 8 minutes. Pain was all one, and I worked until 6pm in the evening making at least 60 trips up and down stairs. I am so happy to have that Pulstarr!

Light & Love LS